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Size does matter.

And do you know the easiest way to distinguish between the Soviet microcircuit and the Western chip?
At first glance any Soviet DIP40 chip is fully identical to the Western one. But historically the circumstances were such that the distance between pins is 2.5 mm for the Soviet chip and 1/10”=2.54 mm for the Western package. If you take the small DIP14 chip, you can hardly see the difference. But for DIP40 (20 pins on one side, 19 distances between them), you will get the difference equal
19*2.54-19*2.5= 0.76mm.

It's not a big problem for full interchangement. One just have to adjust (to bend) pins sometimes :)
The Soviet industry also produced a limited number of 2.54 mm chips. In this case before the part number they had the letter «» in the marking.

As far as I know, East German chips also have 2.5 mm. But Tesla (Czech), Unitra Cemi (Poland) and Pravetz (Bulgaria), like Western manufacturers, used 1/10"=2.54 mm distance.

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