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Do not scare, please. I’m not going to offer you the full course of Russian language.
The thing is, if you take interest in Soviet microprocessors (and in any Soviet or Russian items), you are sure to resort to a search (on eBay or in Google). You will notice that many letters of Russian alphabet (Cyrillic alphabet) differ from those of  Latin one, thus somewhat complicating the matter.

Let’s take, for example,  58080.

– looks and sounds like Latin “K”.
– looks like Latin P but sounds like “R
580- it’s OK
– looks like B but sounds like “V
– looks and sounds like Latin “M
80 – It’s OK
- looks and sounds like Latin “A
As a result, this processor can be referred to in different ways:
58080 – Cyrillic alphabet
KP580BM80A – Latin alphabet, visual compliance
KR580VM80A - Latin alphabet, verbal compliance
KR580WM80A - Latin alphabet, verbal compliance, another version
Knowing that, there is a point in making a search based on all these versions. 

There are 33 letters in Russian language.
Below you will find the table of the Cyrillic alphabet letters transliteration for Latin ones.



 Sounds like**
   A  a in car
   B  b in bit
   B, V, W  v in vine 
   G  g in go
   D  d in do
   E or YE  ye in yet


 never used*  yo in yolk
   ZH or J  s in pleasure **
   Z or numeral 3  z in zoo
   I or N  ee in see
   *  never used*  y in boy
   K  k in kitten
   L  l in lamp
   M  m in map
   H or N  n in not
   O  o in folk
   P  p in pet 
   P or R  r in roll **
   C or S  s in see 
   T  t in tip
   Y or U  oo in boo
   F  f in face 
   X or H  h in house 
   *  C*  ts in sits **
   *  CH or numeral 4  ch in chip 
    SH  sh in shut 
   *  SHCH*  sh in sheep ** 
   *  never used*  forget about it :)***
   *  Y*  i in ill **
   *  never used*  forget about it :)***
   E  e in me
   U  u in use 
   J or YA  ya in yard 

* - Never used in marking of radio-electronic components.
** - very approximately.
*** - These letters have no own sound. They separate or soften other ones.

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