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About the website
My collection consists of Western and Eastern CPUs. There are lots of info on Western ones in the net (see Links).
This site contains information  on Soviet CPUs and related chips.
 It also describes my own CPU/FPU/BSP/MCU collection. (under construction)

About CPUs
Why do people choose to collect microprocessors? Over the recent decades it is just in microprocessors that the advanced achievements in the area of electronics have been concentrated. Each new generation is the maximum of which mankind was capable in building computer science. And let from the point of view of performance these rarities be good for nothing today, many enthusiasts want to preserve these microprocessors for no special reason or maybe for generations to come :). It is just our generation that still has a unique chance to start CPU collection from the very first specimens. Most likely numismatists and philatelists value their oldest coins and stamps. Probably no one can know today what microprocessors will be like 10, 20, 100, 1000 years from now (or it will be something completely different?). One can say for sure: the most up-to-day and fastest high volume processors costing more than one hundred dollars a few years later will be acquired by CPU collectors for a couple of dollars or a beer tin.

Probably it is also interesting to collect yachts or cars, but you will not be able to properly pack, say, ten yachts and to send them to other collector on the other side of the world. Our hobby – rare CPUs! Join us.

About me
My name is Igor. I'm 43. I live in Ottawa, Canada. A little bit of chronology:

1984 - attended electronic study group at school in USSR (my first direct-gain receiver, digital music doorbell, etc. )
1989 - entered Air Force University, avionics faculty (microprocessor frequency synthesizer, digital multi-meter ).
1991 - soldered my first handmade PCs (based on KP580BM80A which i8080 clone, later on Z80A), ROM programmers, etc.
1994 - main place of work was aerodrome. Avionics engineer , salary... $15 per month :)  But during weekends local flea electronic market earned my living (handmade PCs selling).
1999 - I quit the aerodrome and...  till now computer system installation/troubleshouting/repair,  data backup and recovery is my job.
            Since then I have started putting down CPUs which I can't sale (dead or too old) in a box. It was not a hobby yet. I just couldn't throw out such nice devices.
2006 - crucial point :)... Google -> "rare CPU" ->,,,,
2007 - the Soviet CPUs info website is the only way for me to be helpful to collector's community. So I started creating it.

Other interests: digital photo, fishing, family, healthy life-style.

Comments, requests or other information: I use gmail
My login is ddr2ddr



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