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Here are the links I recommend. They are sorted according to my own chronological sequence of discovering  :)

Great collection of CPUs and related chips (including  the Soviet ones).  There is a lot  of information on many CPUs, FPUs, BSPs and MCUs, and there is an active forum with numerous members from around the world.

Great database of CPUs and FPUs , video game CPUs, fakes and Memorabilia pictures. All pictures on the site are uploaded by chip collectors from all over the world.  The second link is the own chipdb creator's collection.

The collection includes over 2000 CPUs,  a large collection of EPROMs. A huge amount of chip related information. Many really uncommon soviet chips :)

Collection of various processors. Information about microprocessor families, packages and sockets. Really significant info on part number lists (IBM, DEC, HP, SPARC... )

Collection of various CPUs and FPUs. Descriptions of processor families and individual processors. Information about package and socket types.

Collection of various microprocessors and microcontrollers. Collection of EPROMs. Hardware programming section.

Collection of over 2000 CPUs, FPUs and MCUs. A lot of soviet chips :)

Marcins collection in Polish and English.

Collection of cool strange /unusual /engineering  CPUs  and other rare stuff.
Great collection of mostly Intel chips from Intel 4004 to Pentium 4/Xeon/Itanium. Descriptions of processor families. Useful articles related to CPU collecting.

Rapidly growing Hugo's site.

Big collection of mostly x86 microprocessors from different manufacturers with pictures and information.(in German).

Over 1300 chips from 80 manufacturers and much useful info about them.

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